Our Expertise


What We Do
We are an independent advisory capital firm helping investors to connect with global and sustainable technology companies. We act as a trade and investment agency connecting government entities with corporates looking to invest or buy international services or products. We help investors to find the right incentive and grants local programs to accelerate their growth.​
Mergers & Acquisitions
As a trusted sell or buy-side advisor, we represent innovative companies looking for best outcomes and buyers seeking a strategic advantage.
Growth Capital & Private Placements
We bring years of sector expertise, current market knowledge, and established relationships with top global investors together with great companies.
Corporate Venture Advisory
We set thesis, provide deep industry analysis, and access to top-tier Silicon Valley deal flow for some of the world’s best known enterprises and family offices. Our equity research approach, support professional investors in private markets with access to vetted companies all over the world. We design medium and long-term investment strategies to ensure business's well-being while investors achieve important yields. ​
What Sets Us Apart

We perform a wide range of financial modeling activities such as building discounted cash flow (DCF) models, LBO models, and other types of financial models.

We use a wide range of valuation methods such as comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, and DCF analysis.

We build pitchbooks Building  and PPT presentations from scratch to pitch ideas to prospective clients.

Preparing documents such as a confidential information, confidential information memorandum (CIM), investment teaser, term sheet, confidentiality agreement, building a data room.

We work with our clients to successfully close the transaction.

We constantly meet with prospective investors and corporates to pitch them ideas, offer them support in their work, and provide value-added advice.

Being a major factor in the negotiation tactics between buyers and sellers in a transaction helping our clients maximize value creation.

Investment Banking work requires a lot of financial modeling and valuation.

Whether for capital raising or M&A activities.

That work requires our core skills